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Meet The Team

dar2Darlene Fenske

Owner/Senior Facilitator

Darlene completed her Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) certification at Cartier Learning Center in Prince Albert Sask. in 2008.  Since then she has established F.E.E.L Facilitated Equine Enhanced Learning Ltd. She has worked extensively with teens struggling with addictions and behavioral issues. Darlene has witnessed first-hand how horses change lives. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope.


taylor2Taylor Fenske

Certified EAL Facilitator

Taylor became an EAL Facilitator in 2014. Taylor grew up around horses, and could often be found out in the pasture with them. Taylor was in the 4-H horse program (with Bonus-Bonus has quite the history) until she developed the need for speed and had to upgrade to a faster horse…then it was off to speed events like gymkhanas and barrel racing. When not riding Taylor enjoys Yoga. She received her Yoga Teaching Certification in Jamaica.



brenda2Brenda Sloat

Certified EAL Facilitator

Brenda’s love of horses started at an early age…. real early! She has never been without horses in her life. Brenda’s very first “horse” was a brown Shetland pony named Peanuts. Brenda and Peanuts had many adventures. When she reached the age of chasing boys, she chased one who shared her love of horses. Years ago they raised Appaloosas (The horses with all the spots) Bonus, one of the horses in the program was one of the babies born on her farm. Brenda became a dedicated EAL Facilitator in 2012.


shelbyShelby Hesse

Certified EAL Facilitator

Shelby received her EAL certification in Strathmore through the Equine Connection. Shelby has always been surrounded by horses. She is an accomplished jumper and rider, and even in employment is surrounded by horses, working at a Stable.


sand (2)Sandi Hesse

Certified EAL Facilitator

Sandi’s love of horses has been a lifelong passion beginning with a horse named “Valley”, then it was “Dusty” and “Socks”, a wedding gift from her husband was a special horse named “Zip”. Today she and her family are the proud owners of many,many more equine friends. Sandi owns and operates the Hair Salon in Legal –“L.A LOOKS”. Sandi earned her EAL certification at the Equine Connection in Strathmore in 2014.

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