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Dress Code


Dress in clothing suitable and comfortable to work around horses as well as easy to wash and repair if soiled or torn.

Proper attire for the current weather conditions, we have heat but we still need to dress warmly.

Comfortable sleeve t-shirts are ideal, although too baggy as they might get caught or hang up on something, then you could get injured.

Comfortable jeans are good, wear pants appropriate to working around horses. Remember if they are too loose or baggy they could get caught on something and easily torn. As for shoes, no open toed shoes.

Dress Modestly. The directors and staff will be respectful of you as an individual, please be respectful to them in return. Instructors, directors and staff will be standing next to you for assistance, dress with not only safety in mind but modesty as well. For example, low cut jeans are currently in fashion and stylish, although when you are working with horses, it is easy for them to slide down and show too much. The same is true with low cut blouses, bending over to brush a horse, picking up a foot or pick up hay can easily show more than intended in this type of environment and activity.

Remember, equestrian facilities can be dirty and a tough environment on clothing; don’t wear something that will be destroyed if it gets stained, torn or damaged.

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